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Super Illuminary Pretentious Violin Woman of Steel

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Retorueafdjj [04 Apr 2004|12:28am]
Since I left this account, a great many changes have happened, as can be expected. One of those changes is that this account is no longer a paid account, and most likely will never be again. So yeah, if you want to email me, the hotmail account is the way to go. Same username, different domain. Simple as that!

It's embarrassing reading entries from when I couldn't play on Standard. But that's all. Also, I have met someone. Also, it is daylight savings time. Lastly, the arcade is not the right place to pick up girls, so stop it now!

Le nouveau imprové LJ: vibrato
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Shift [22 Feb 2004|01:52pm]
For now, I have decided to leave this account, although I may post occasionally about inane things, which is what I tend to do anyway. You can find me at vibrato, which I shall make my primary account for at least the time being. Feel free to add it to your friends list as you wish, and I will be sure to do the same.


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A crucible, and some liberals [21 Feb 2004|08:17pm]
[ mood | the one with a twisted stomach ]

Some people can be quite unintelligent. If intelligence is really arbitrary I'll be damned. Those who are the most unintelligent from my excessively subjective point of view also seem to be (from the same excessively subjective point of view) the most annoying. I wish that I could intimidate them but I am far too shy and passive. And now for an arbitrary yet necessary (paradox?!) change of subject.

I stood in the middle of the moderately crowded arcade, looking around at the whimsically intoxicated DDR players milling around as they waited for their turn on the machine, and vaguely considering becoming one of them if only for a while.

Suddenly, a man walked in the door. A strong surge of fear coursed through my body, my heart leaping two feet out of my chest with the horrifying thought, "It's him."

And then

I realised that it was not him. What a friggin' relief. However, why am I still afraid?

If that had been fiction, I might have died of poor writing skills. I'm sick of spiting corporate America, by the way, so I guess I'll never be punk rock. And Cris' away message reads "Hampshire!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and it kind of makes me want to stab him with all of those exclamation points. And some other things I might as well do.

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molto allegro [19 Feb 2004|09:25pm]
[ mood | inferior ]

Dumbing down is NOT a good idea.

I feel so inadequate. I can totally understand Tom now when he talks to me about women who are "out of his league". Damn those prodigal stunning intellectual Asian girls, damn them all!!! I want to keep them all in boxes on my bookshelf, but they're all too good for that.

Well, I found an interesting young female person to talk to on the internet who lives in my area, which is definitely a first. And she is out of my league. I feel afraid to IM her again, she has already gone off to work on a French paper and God knows how long that will take! Probably not long at all, due to her overbearing intelligence, but she probably has no interest in coming back online to speak with me.

Edit: I have realised that it is quite possible she is reading this right now. If she is, let it be known to her that my opinion on her is everything but objectifying. Remember when I said women were objects? Well, technically, they are.

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some sort of song. Or a conspiracy [17 Feb 2004|09:48pm]
[ mood | 8 1 5, 2 1 4 ]

I just found a mysterious sheet of paper in my wallet that I supposedly wrote things on. It says:

Pole Star

Die Transzendental pragmatik

Inner Dynamic

A basic feature

total aggression

so reverse

|: E A E A E A E A :|

|: D A D A D A D A :|
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Unfashionable [16 Feb 2004|10:54pm]
Once upon a time at the coffeehouse Leonore took a picture of me and Ellie playing our instruments in our geeky outfits. I wonder if that picture still exists... also the recent one she took of us playing DDR together. Hmm.

I like having a lot of high school and college textbooks that I don't use for school. Leonore gave me a Calculus one, which is awesome. I think I have one for every high school math except Algebra I, which I don't really care about, but if I did I could steal one from the middle school I go to for RIPYO. And that would be wrong. Should I even count Algebra I as a high school math? If I do, then Calculus would totally go into question. And does Statistics count? They have it at my school, and it's considered another direction to take in math if you don't like Calculus.

Once, I found and picked up two university-level Physiology books lying in someone's recycle bin, and in good condition too. All the others come from secondhand sales at Wheeler except the Geometry one that my parents bought me when I was being tutored at home. It was only for a month or so at the end of eighth grade. I'm saying too much.

What a triple quadruple coincidence that I have hinted at something that I am also hinting at in an IM conversation with someone who has the same name as someone and lives in the same state as someone else. Dude like whoa.
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Joy of deciding my fate [15 Feb 2004|11:41am]
[ mood | cheered up ]

If anyone wants to find me today (and how I sorely want someone to find me!), I'm going to be at the Providence Place Mall. With enough luck, I will be in the little arcade at Zoinks for the majority of the hours between 1:30 and 6-ish. Leonore and her friends will want to watch a movie, but I will resist with every fiber of my living soul. I hope we can get Chinese food.

Haydn Quartet does have a slow movement after all. Duh! The entire piece is wicked hard, and I'm just working on the Finale for now. Ach, pressure, I'm beginning to think we might not even get to pull it off. Oh, but if we do, it would be ever so beautiful. String Ensemble would be recognised for what it truly is, instead of a bunch of little children playing simplified versions of non-classical pieces.

Ah... somehow I feel something... move. Eeep

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Excessively simple [14 Feb 2004|06:55pm]
[ mood | sigh. ]

:Menu ("So, are you [adverb] [gerund] [adjective] [preposition] your [noun] from a [noun] [adjective]?" "Yes",A,"No",B)
:Lbl A
:Disp "You lose!"

In a few months perhaps I will run the program again, but for now, I am inside the illusion of eternal torment. I lose!

:Lbl B
:Menu ("Would you [verb] [adjective] [preposition] [pronoun], given the chance, maybe?" "I don't think it would work out!",C,"Yes, definitely",D,"Maybe",E, "It really depends",F,"I fucking hate you!!!",A)

If there is anything to be learned today, it is the wrong thing. My math homework requires a calculator and I wish it was dead or done or I had a slide rule to use instead.

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The prospect of making a TI-83 program that will change my life forever [14 Feb 2004|03:01pm]
[ mood | not nervous! ]

YAY yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyah.

My life will be either full of completeness or screwed in ten or fewer steps depending on the circumstances. Here to draw a flowchart!!! OMG! IDEA!!!! I WILL PROGRAM IT ON MY CALCULATOR! With menus! And labels! And output! Yay I am a genius. Yay.

So, uh, everyone let me know if you have a girlfriend or whatever and if you are giving her chocolate and flowers.

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Fellows named Day who wear a belt [13 Feb 2004|08:44pm]
[ mood | yaaaaaay ]

As the typical Cancerian, I detest travelling.Collapse )

Today a La Salle Academy graduate named Michael Day came to visit during Spün. It was quite exciting. I wrote a short poem (he gave me back the paper but I can't find it. It had something to do with love) and he read it aloud with great passion and sorrow. I also recited for him the two-sevenths of a sonnet I wrote about him. People who always wear the same belt tend to inspire me to write poetry, and Michael Day is one of them. He's also important in some way to the poetry union, didn't he co-found it a couple of years ago or something? "Co-found" is funny because it looks like "confound". Har har har.

I would write a story about the events that followed, but it would empty my heart much too much, but I will tell you its moral: Poetry solves everything.

I own a great number of belts. That is the way I like it. Not that I have anything against people who only own and wear one belt, but I could never possibly love them. Here is a list that includes some of the belts that I own.

1. A relatively normal thin black belt with diamond-, circle- and petal-shaped holes.
2. An even more relatively normal brown belt that I never wear.
3. A silver-painted pleated/woven leather belt .
4. A several-shades-of-gold-painted pleated/woven leather belt.
5. A short white belt with multicolored grommets that Laura would have gotten if it was longer.
6. A thick black belt with red plastic rhinestones and a heart-shaped buckle.

I'm pretty sure all of them have some sentimental value to me. If I were to put them in order of descreasing sentimental value the list would be ordered like so: 1, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

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Money is the source of green liquid [12 Feb 2004|10:06pm]
[ mood | tired ]

La Salle's tuition is going to be raised a thousand dollars or so for next year. Guess what? This doesn't affect me. Because I am on FULL TUITION SCHOLARSHIP. IN YER FACE OLOLOLOL.

Yay for new science buildings. Boo for those who won't be coming next year on account of the tuition increase. That makes me kind of sad, actually. I wonder if there will be many fewer students next year because of that. I wonder if someone will complain.


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